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Roof Moisture Survey

Roof Moisture Survey

Billions of dollars are lost each year by un warranted flat roof replacement on commercial buildings. The Tramex Dec Scanner is a mobile device that is used for detecting moisture underneath the roofing membranes using roof moisture survey for large roof areas.This non-destructive testing method is often combined with electric capacitance/ impedance testing and/or infrared moisture verification testing to accurately identify water entry pathways and areas of entrapped water. EMA can readily perform roof moisture surveys on commercial roof and resport the results to owners, so they know which parts need replacement. The results of the moisture survey can be verified by Infrared roof moisture scanning also.

The Dec Scanner is designed for testing roof moisture survey in built up roofing and non-conductive single ply membrane. It provides instantaneous, clear indications of roof conditions and is able to detect as little as 2% excess moisture in these large-scale roofing systems.This testing method can be performed in conjunction with, or in certain cases in lieu of infrared thermography in flat roof inspections.

The Tramex Dec Scanner is a mobile non-destructive impedance scanner designed for the instant surveying of moisture conditions in roofing and waterproofing systems per ASTM D7954. Ideal for water leak detection in roofing materials.

Features of Roof Moisture Survey

  • Complies to ASTM D7954
  • Non-destructive impedance moisture meter.
  • Three ranges of sensitivity enabling the inspection of a variety of roof membranes and insulation thicknesses.
  • Ergonomic easy-reach and easy to operate control panel.
  • Leak tracing, water leak detection, problem sourcing, and an instantaneous and clear indication of roof condition.
  • Fast readings over large roof areas in a short time frame.
  • Work in normal daylight hours.
  • Faster and more user friendly than nuclear meters.
  • Easy and safe to use with no regulatory restrictions or operating license required.
  • Dependable solid state circuitry and rugged molded body for long-term reliability.

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Concrete Ground Penetration Radar


EMA Concrete ground penetration radar for Rebar, Post Tension Cables & Conduits by GPR in Tampa. (813)-398-5383

Concrete ground penetration radar scanning company in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Melbourne, Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale is provided by EMA and its consultants, who you can trust to get the job done right for a fair price and supervised by Professional Engineers? Well look no further! Since our establishment, EMA Forensic Associates has specialized in providing quality professional concrete ground penetrating radar services to homeowners and businesses throughout Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Melbourne, Palm Bay, Daytona, Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami Metropolitan areas. We are proud of the fact that EMA Concrete Scanning and GPR scanning of reinforcing steel, post tension cables and conduits continues to be a family owned and operated business.

When it comes to your Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Concrete Scanning services, you deserve a company with a dedicated commitment to customer satisfaction and never-ending ambition to provide the latest technical services available under he supervision of licensed professional engineers. That’s why, at EMA  Concrete Scanning, we offer our legendary ground penetrating radar services 24 hours a day, 300 days a year. Best of all our scanning technicians work under the supervision of professional engineers and are never far away when you need us. If you ever have a concern or question about your project’s concrete X-ray needs or if you need a GPR Concrete Scanner out to your house, contact us today!

No job is too large or too small for the expert GPR technicians at EMA Concrete ground penetration radar using GPR and Electromagnetic Induction methods. For a free estimate for your concrete x-ray or ground penetrating radar work, call us today at 321-355-6052!

When you need concrete x-ray, & concrete GPR service in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, FT. Lauderdale, Miami, you need it right away. That’s why EMA Concrete Scanning offers fast service, often same day! From a minor core-drilling project to major concrete cutting projects and everything in between, the GPR Technicians at EMA Concrete Scanning are there to ensure your project stays on-budget and on-time.

 Top Concrete GPR Results 

EMA Concrete Scanning has proudly offered outstanding GPR Services to the construction industry. Our GPR Technicians specialize in:

  • Locating rebar in the subsurface of concrete
  • Post-Tension Cable locating and mapping
  • Conduit locating (using both GPR and EMF detector)
  • Concrete inspection – locating metallic and non-metallic targets in walls, floors, ceilings etc.
  • Structure inspection – bridges, monuments, walls, towers, tunnels, balconies, garages, decks
  • Measuring slab thickness
  • Void location
  • Concrete Slab on grade GPR Survey
  • Concrete X-ray using GPR prior to core-drilling

Whether you want to drill through a concrete slab, or chip concrete, or just curious about what is in your concrete slab, EMA Concrete Scanning can help you avoid rebar, post-tension cables and electrical conduits. Our uniformed, professional GPR Technicians are trained to handle a wide variety of residential and commercial Concrete X-ray issues.

 Top Concrete Imaging Company 

EMA Concrete ground penetrating radar offers a full array of excellent commercial services to contractors, architects, builders, and businesses and offices in the Florida. The following will convince you to call our GPR technicians today:

  • Best in the industry, detailed scanning reports with post processed images are provided within 72 hours of scanning.
  • We only use the best technology available in the market for accurate target location.
  • Both day rate and contract rates are available.
  • We are available to work regular hours as well as after hours and weekends with prior scheduling.
  • We will provide you with samples of our past work so you can make an informed decision when you pick us.
  • Last, but not the least, for peace of mind, knowing that you are well-informed with our scanned information prior to drilling or cutting concrete.

We are a family owned and operated business that has been serving the Greater Florida areas since inception. We are committed to providing superior Concrete Ground Penetrating Radar services for residential spaces, as well as industrial, commercial, and construction businesses. The valuable advantages we can offer you are great service, high quality concrete scanning products, and Concrete X-ray / GPR technicians at a competitive price.

With three local offices, multiple concrete scanners, best GPR technology, and one of the most concrete cutting savvy fleets in the Florida Region we are able handle any size project.

So, if you’re planning a concrete cutting project, and you’re looking for a quality job without the outrageous prices, contact us today to arrange for a free quote.

Our Concrete Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) Technicians Are…

  • Courteous, professional, and punctual
  • Knowledgeable and experienced
  • Accurate and efficient troubleshooters that can save you time and money
  • Equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and parts
  • Trained to handle any GPR issue or problem
  • Equally skilled in residential and commercial services

For all your GPR Concrete Service needs in Orlando, Tampa, jacksonville, FT. Lauderdale, Daytone, Melbourne, contact the GPR Scanners at EMA Concrete Scanning today  at (321) 355-6052 or click here!


orlando building structural condition surveys, tampa building structrual condition surveys

Structural Condition Surveys

EMA Structural Condition Surveys

EMA provides Structural condition surveys or Property Condition Assessment, otherwise known as a Due Diligence Inspection, or structural engineering condition survey is a physical evaluation of an existing building’s systems, components and site improvements.

It typically includes items such as site characteristics, structure, roof, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire/life safety, and access and egress. Most commonly, a Property Condition Assessment is performed prior to a real estate transaction for commercial property. We utilize the ASTM Standard E2018-99 as a guideline for conducting Property Condition Assessments.

EMA Consulting Engineers is committed to providing our clients with detailed, impartial reports which are certified by Registered Professional Engineers.

We provide a full range of structural condition surveys and inspection services including:

  • Structural engineering assessment
  • Roof inspections & studies
  • Construction / Building Defects
  • Commercial Construction Monitoring
  • Demolition and Plans Review
  • Construction Draw Inspections
  • Facility Asset Management

Based on  our expertise at EMA structural Condition Surveys and the results of each component inspection for exteriors, interiors, exits, roofing, cladding and structural plans, we prepare an easy to understand condition assessment report for the developers, condominium associations and other clients.

Structural Condition Survey

Our structural condition survey investigates the condition of a certain structural part of your building, any damage and suggests applicable repair methods. The surveys can be carried out on, for example, concrete structures, sanitary cabins and bathrooms, structural dampness damage and detrimental elements. With the help of the survey results you have the information to decide the right time for, and the best repair method options, your property.

In the structural condition surveys Inspecta examines the state of your real estate’s structures, any damage and the possible causes of such damage. As an outcome you will receive a clear report covering, amongst other things, the repairs needed, repair method options and urgency for repairs to your building.

As research methods we use visual estimations, structure openings and samples as well as indoor air and material samples. Our experts always carry out the surveys with care, accountability and professionalism. Inspecta’s clients rely on structural condition surveys as a part of reasonable repair need planning and to assist in justified decision making.


  • Prevents possible subsidiary damages and costs
  • Brings you an important tool for systematic maintenance
  • Helps you to manage the lifecycle of your real estate
  • Guarantees good indoor air quality
  • Supports you in planning critical, as well as long-term, repairs

Structural Engineers Tampa

Structural engineers Tampa

EMA has extensive knowledgeable and experienced engineers.

EMA structural engineers Tampa2 Orlando, Jacksonville and palm beach perform structural design Threshold Inspections of various structures including multi-million airport buildings, sport arenas, residential jobs, condominiums, 2- 18 story buildings, and commercial structures. We use state of art structural engineering software as STAAD, ETABS, RISA FLOOR and else to design the frame for optimal loads and serviceability. We provide following services:

structural design of commercial industrial warehouse design

Restoration services.

peer review inspections by structural engineers Tampa3 for buildings, offices and other projects.

From our offices our engineers Clearwater, structural engineers Tampa4, miami provide engineering analysis, design of residential, , commercial and warehouses design, analysis, and specification writing for any structural project including concrete, precast, steel and misc. metals specifications and also threshold inspections.


EMA‘s engineers tampa havs experience with many residential and commercial projects including: mid/high rise buildings, retail spaces, hotels, churches, multi-family buildings, condominiums, custom homes, townhouses, mixed-use structures, hoist engineering, steel frames, product testing, and various types of inspections. Here is a list of our current products and systems allowing you and your clients more choices in design and construction.

Longer spans in design and greater flexibility. Economical structural design for highrise buildings

Greater precision and efficiency in structural design and analysis of structures.

More freedom in structural design; flexible structural column placement. Elimination of beam support under floors.

A sometimes viable alternative to high concrete costs and extensive precast concrete waiting times.

An often economical design choice for offices, warehouses etc.

(Such as pre-cast beam/joist systems and hollow core planks), allowing more options for contractors.

Often a low-cost alternative to new construction in urban areas where lot of corrosive environment has deteriorated the building integrity.

Increasingly popular time-saving option among developers for ease of use and fast construction.

Enabling increased flexibility and decorative structural design choices.

A necessity in a number of parts of the world including Asia, and parts of South and far East Aisa.

EMA Forensics also perform hurricane structural damage assesment,  inspectors, threshold inspectors, infrared inspectors, fire damage reports, structural roof damage, structural roof inspections, structural foundation inspections, structural & Forensic foundation collapse reports, CAD services, forensic building inspections, structural design, & engineering in STEEL, CONCRETE, WOOD. We also provide threshold inspection services as we are registered SI in state of Florida.

We will assign a structural engineer as a project manager, field superintendent, engineer and other staff members as required to effectively manage the construction process. The process start from structural analysis/design of the building per architectural plans and building codes and preparation of structural drawings and contract documents.

Structural Forensic Engineers

Structural Forensic Engineers

EMA is a firm of Structural Forensic Engineers in Florida. Our Structural & sForensic engineers specializes  in engineering, structural design, peer review, drawings &  inspections. EMA performs forensic cause & origin studies, threshold inspections, structural engineering, forensics engineering, roof hail damage inspection.
Structural Forensic engineers are experienced in engineering, cause & origin engineering, restoration of commercial & residential buildings, roof wind damage inspections, hurricane damage assessment, floor tile damage claims and inspections, SB408 and sinkhole damage assessments, new construction inspections & shop drawing review, roof consulting, damage assessment, collapse inspections, infrared inspections, building condition inspections , roof moisture surveys & electrical infrared inspections. We also perform building design and construction inspections, collapse analysis engineering, building inspections, building damage assessments etc. Structural & forensic Engineering disciplines within the firm are supervised by a Structural or Forensic engineers experienced in the area. Engineers performs, directs, and controls the document preparation in their areas of expertise.

EMA also provide commercial clients with Phase I & II enviromental assessment for their related properties in compliance with ASTM 1527-05, 1527-13 and EPA vapor encrochment investigation using ASTM E-2600-10. Our fees are competitive.