Hurricane Damage Inspections

Hurricane Damage inspections

 Hurricane Damage Inspections are performed by EMA engineers. In case of natural disasters including hurricane, flood & storms, a quick and coordinated recovery is key. Not only is the safety and well being of our loved ones at stake but the welfare of society depends critically on the resilience of its business community to natural disasters.

EMA have experienced in performing Hurricane damage inspections throughout Florida Mississippi & Louisiana We have witnessed first hand the severe physical, emotional, and financial impact that follows a natural disaster of this type.We at EMA are prepared to mobilize our staff of engineers, certified inspectors, and technicians to aid in the recovery process. To assist in coordinated long term recovery, our structural & forensic engineers offers the following areas of expertise: building envelope. EMA performs:

Building damage assessment

Assessemtn of buildings

Repair claims ( residential & commercial)

Forensic Engineering

Foundation collapse analysis

Roof wind & hurricane damage inspections

Moisture damage assessments

Tropical storms, wind storms, snowstorms, North easters, and occasional hurricanes are a fact of life in Florida, Texas, Lousiana & Mississippi area.  Most home and building owners carry insurance to help them rebuild after a storm.  But how can you determine what needs to be fixed, or if storm damage is structural?

A Professional Engineer can evaluate the storm damage to your home or building, and tell you what repairs are needed.  A Professional Engineer can also advise you about areas that should be opened and checked (perhaps a wall needs to be opened to check for structural damage).  A Professional Engineer may point out damage that you are not aware occurred.