EMA Engineers provide roof moisture surveys for flat roofs

Roof Moisture Surveys – Tramex Dec Scanner


  • EMA Forensic Associates uses non-destructive methods to perform roof moisture surveys. Easy and safe to use.
  • Switchable ranges of sensitivity to suit most roof construction and surfacing types.
  • Instant and continuous readings on clear view analog dial with audio warnings on areas of high moisture.
  • Much faster and more user friendly than nuclear method.
  • A fraction of the cost of infrared to buy, operate and maintain.
  • Free from anomalies associated with other methods.

For building owners, managers and roofing contractors the roof moisture Surveys helps in certifying that insulation is dry on completion of a project.

This also provides a point of reference for future measurements so that the roof condition can be monitored on an ongoing basis and preventative maintenance can be performed before significant damage occurs.

Similarly, when contemplating the extent of repairs required on a problem roof, the Tramex Dec Scanner will readily prove the condition of the existing insulation.

You can then make a sound decision as to whether to strip or to overlay, or perhaps do part of each.

With old or new roofs, condensation can be monitored by annual checks and any troublesome areas can be isolated and treated.

The best surprise… … no surprise at all

The Tramex Dec Scanner is a completely non-hazardous, lightweight, portable instrument.

It is reliable, easy to use and yields good information.

Additional advantages of the Tramex Dec Scanner include its affordability, low operating costs, and the high speed with which large areas can be completely and accurately surveyed with continuous and instant readouts.