Structural Engineers Tampa

Structural engineers Tampa

EMA has extensive knowledgeable and experienced engineers.

EMA structural engineers Tampa2 Orlando, Jacksonville and palm beach perform structural design Threshold Inspections of various structures including multi-million airport buildings, sport arenas, residential jobs, condominiums, 2- 18 story buildings, and commercial structures. We use state of art structural engineering software as STAAD, ETABS, RISA FLOOR and else to design the frame for optimal loads and serviceability. We provide following services:

structural design of commercial industrial warehouse design

Restoration services.

peer review inspections by structural engineers Tampa3 for buildings, offices and other projects.

From our offices our engineers Clearwater, structural engineers Tampa4, miami provide engineering analysis, design of residential, , commercial and warehouses design, analysis, and specification writing for any structural project including concrete, precast, steel and misc. metals specifications and also threshold inspections.


EMA‘s engineers tampa havs experience with many residential and commercial projects including: mid/high rise buildings, retail spaces, hotels, churches, multi-family buildings, condominiums, custom homes, townhouses, mixed-use structures, hoist engineering, steel frames, product testing, and various types of inspections. Here is a list of our current products and systems allowing you and your clients more choices in design and construction.

Longer spans in design and greater flexibility. Economical structural design for highrise buildings

Greater precision and efficiency in structural design and analysis of structures.

More freedom in structural design; flexible structural column placement. Elimination of beam support under floors.

A sometimes viable alternative to high concrete costs and extensive precast concrete waiting times.

An often economical design choice for offices, warehouses etc.

(Such as pre-cast beam/joist systems and hollow core planks), allowing more options for contractors.

Often a low-cost alternative to new construction in urban areas where lot of corrosive environment has deteriorated the building integrity.

Increasingly popular time-saving option among developers for ease of use and fast construction.

Enabling increased flexibility and decorative structural design choices.

A necessity in a number of parts of the world including Asia, and parts of South and far East Aisa.

EMA Forensics also perform hurricane structural damage assesment,  inspectors, threshold inspectors, infrared inspectors, fire damage reports, structural roof damage, structural roof inspections, structural foundation inspections, structural & Forensic foundation collapse reports, CAD services, forensic building inspections, structural design, & engineering in STEEL, CONCRETE, WOOD. We also provide threshold inspection services as we are registered SI in state of Florida.

We will assign a structural engineer as a project manager, field superintendent, engineer and other staff members as required to effectively manage the construction process. The process start from structural analysis/design of the building per architectural plans and building codes and preparation of structural drawings and contract documents.

Structural Forensic Engineers

Structural Forensic Engineers

EMA is a firm of Structural Forensic Engineers in Florida. Our Structural & sForensic engineers specializes  in engineering, structural design, peer review, drawings &  inspections. EMA performs forensic cause & origin studies, threshold inspections, structural engineering, forensics engineering, roof hail damage inspection.
Structural Forensic engineers are experienced in engineering, cause & origin engineering, restoration of commercial & residential buildings, roof wind damage inspections, hurricane damage assessment, floor tile damage claims and inspections, SB408 and sinkhole damage assessments, new construction inspections & shop drawing review, roof consulting, damage assessment, collapse inspections, infrared inspections, building condition inspections , roof moisture surveys & electrical infrared inspections. We also perform building design and construction inspections, collapse analysis engineering, building inspections, building damage assessments etc. Structural & forensic Engineering disciplines within the firm are supervised by a Structural or Forensic engineers experienced in the area. Engineers performs, directs, and controls the document preparation in their areas of expertise.

EMA also provide commercial clients with Phase I & II enviromental assessment for their related properties in compliance with ASTM 1527-05, 1527-13 and EPA vapor encrochment investigation using ASTM E-2600-10. Our fees are competitive.